Michael & Jill Wills

Kijabe, Kenya

Michael and Jillian Wills and their three kids have served at Rift Valley Academy (RVA), a school for missionary kids in Kijabe, Kenya since 2012. Their ministry includes educating and discipling missionary kids during the school year, and supporting the work of their families as they bring the gospel all over the continent of Africa, including many unreached people groups.

Michael’s passion for biology and the outdoors extends beyond his classroom, as he engages the students in camping, fishing and piki (motorbike) adventures. Jill’s organizational skills keep the elementary school running efficiently, but her true passion is Christian formation and discipleship with both staff and students. They consider it a privilege to participate in God’s work of growing His Kingdom in Africa and equipping the next generation to continue that work.

Birthdays: Michael (June 6), Jill (April 4), Noah (August 18, 2005), Madison (May 9, 2007), Tyler (May 12, 2009)

Anniversary: June 21

Prayer Requests

Pray for a strong a healthy marriage, intentional parenting, and the ability to maintain healthy rhythms.

Pray for the salvation and discipleship of their students.

Pray for protection for students, families, and their ministries.

Pray for unreached people groups to be receptive to the gospel.

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