Steve & Anne Stinnette

Guam & Micronesia, Micronesia

Steve and Anne have served in Micronesia since 1979, where Steve presently serves as Micronesian Missions Mobilizer and Leadership Development Coordinator, and Anne as a teacher/discipler/trainer of younger women. Their goal is to train and mobilize the Micronesian church, after decades of receiving missionaries only, to become sending churches who mobilize, train, and send their own missionaries into nearby 10/40 window countries.

Steve and Anne have been married 44 years, have two children and three grandchildren, and have adopted several local children and grandchildren.

Birthdays: Steve (July 25), Anne (November 9)

Anniversary: August 23


Prayer Requests

Pray for the continued missions efforts of the Palauan Evangelical Church in Palau, especially that the Lord would raise up a new generation of “goers” who would be willing to be trained and sent as missionaries by the PEC.

Pray for the leaders of Berea Evangelical Church in Chuuk; they have no full-time pastor, all their pastors have full-time jobs and are busy providing for their families. Pray for God’s timing in raising up “goers” who would be willing to be trained and sent as missionaries by Berea.

Pray for God’s direction and leading as they disciple and train people on Guam, and specifically in the church they attend, especially for the organization of its expanding global missions efforts in reaching unreached people groups in nearby 10/40 window countries.

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