Why do groups exist? How do they help me grow as a Christian? What do I do if I can’t find a good group? How do I go deeper with my group? 

Many of us have asked or wondered these questions about small groups in the church. Whether you call them Sunday School, small group, Life Group, or some other name; these gatherings are a key part of our Christian experience.

Join us January 20-21 for two main sessions as we gather together to hear from Jared Musgrove (The Well Church. Argyle, TX) and Justian Elafros (The Village Church. Flower Mound, TX). Our hope is that these sessions will help you thrive in your group. Whether you call Providence home or not, this conference is designed for anyone who wants to thrive in their small group.

Two meals, snacks, and gallons of coffee are included with the registration fee. Discounts and vouchers are available upon request. This conference is open to any and all who long for greater clarity on how small groups help Christians thrive in the local church. Whether you’re a church member, church leader, or volunteer, we want to help you thrive in groups.


Conference Content

Are you curious about what will be covered in each session and breakout at the conference? If so, you can click below to see a breakdown of all the content we have planned.

Groups Conference Schedule

Friday Evening

5:00 PM — Seminary Student and Pastor Workshop

6:00 PM — Check-In/Dinner

6:45 PM — Session 1 (Groups, Jesus, and Me.)

8:00 PM — Break/Dessert

8:20 PM — Panel Discussion

9:00 PM — Departure

Saturday Morning

8:15 AM — Group Leader Workshop

9:00 AM — Breakfast

9:30 AM — Session 2 (Groups, Jesus, and Us.)

10:45 AM — Breakout

11:45 AM — Conference End