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Series: Pass it On

Title: Rightly Handling Truth

Scripture Reference: 2 timothy 2:14-19

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Paul is in prison, condemned to die for his faith in Jesus. He is older and achy. The cold, the beatings, the lashings, the stoning, the sleepless nights, and the imprisonments have left their mark on his body. Aware that his days will soon expire in martyrdom, Paul sat in his cell and wrote one final letter. These last words would not be sent to a church, but to his son in the faith named Timothy, who was discouraged.

Paul didn’t have a son. Timothy didn’t have a Christian dad. But for nearly two decades, Paul poured his life into young Timothy to help him become a biblical man. Now, at the end of his life, through the words in this final letter, Paul passes the baton to young Timothy urging him to pass it on.

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What is Prayer?

What is Prayer?

Think back to your days in grade school. Who would it be if you were given the opportunity to write a letter to one famous person? In fifth grade, I had an opportunity similar to this. Our teacher helped us develop our penmanship by letting us choose one...

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Enjoying God in Prayer

Enjoying God in Prayer

What comes to mind when you think about why we are supposed to pray? Maybe you think of our need for God’s help or our duty as followers of Christ. These are certainly good reasons to pray, but prayer is also a way to enjoy the presence of God. Tim Keller, a pastor in...

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