Jesus came not to be served, but to serve. As His followers, we are to extend His love and mercy to the brokenhearted, impoverished, and unbelieving people in our communities.

There is great joy in taking the love, grace, and mercy that God has lavished upon us through Christ and extending that to a community that needs hope. In doing so, the community will understand that there is a God who loves them and desires a relationship with them.

Job Skills & Training

Jobs For Life

Jobs for Life is an 8-week small group designed to teach men and women to network, interview, and write resumes. Various volunteers are needed to help throughout the program. Watch success stories and learn how you can participate below.


Prison Ministry: ReEntry Jobs For Life

ReEntry Jobs for Life is an in-prison transitional ministry project that delivers the curriculum of Jobs for Life to chosen residents at the NCCIW – Minimum Custody Unit here in Raleigh. Volunteers are needed to be Champions (mentors) and teachers.

For more information, contact Beth at [email protected].

At-Risk Children & Teens

Community Hope

Tutor and mentor K – 5th grade students from Raleigh Gardens and Casa Del Sol during the school year on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30 and 5:30 PM for one hour each. Community Hope does not meet during December and summer break. For more information contact Beth at [email protected].

Raleigh Dream Center

The Raleigh Dream Center partners with local churches to provide an outreach component to do local missions. They run many outreaches to communities that are in great need. You can join in with an Adopt-A-Block, Advocacy Ministry, Bible Study, Homeless Outreach, KidzJam, or Summer Reading Program. Everything that they do is intended to build relationships and trust that will lead to gospel conversations and to help people to dream again about what God has planned for their future.


Presents Of Peace

Each year we help the YMCA provide a Christmas shopping experience for families in their subsidized programs. Through Presents of Peace, we partner with families in our community to make the gift-giving tradition at Christmas special for everyone. At the Presents of Peace Shopping Celebration, qualifying families can come to the Y and shop for toys, clothing, and books and pay as little as 10% of the original purchase price. There are two ways to volunteer:

  1. Donate a gift.
  2. Volunteer to help decorate, stock and display gifts, help families shop and wrap presents.


Families from all over the world reside in a growing community in the middle of North Raleigh at Cedar Point Apartments. We count it a privilege to serve this community with the love of Christ. Our programs are open to all residents of the Cedar Point community. Volunteers are needed for Read and Swim, Homework Help, Bible studies, and ESL.



Through our partnership with Apartment Life, we recruit church members to live in apartment complexes close to Providence and serve as CARES Teams.

Each CARES Team (a married couple, family, or two single adults) moves into an apartment community and partners with the management team to deliver the CARES program. Through the CARES program, the team has the opportunity to build community and serve residents by doing things that flow naturally out of the Christian lifestyle – welcoming new residents, planning social functions, and CARE-ing in times of need. Together we can change the lives of people living in apartment communities, and one person at a time, we can change the world.

Our current CARES Team has been able to create community and engage many residents in important conversations. We continue to look for people to join them and relocate to apartment communities surrounding Providence.

To learn more, contact Beth at [email protected]. For additional information or to apply to be a CARES Team, you can also go to the Apartment Life website at