Local Outreach Donations

Our Lord sacrificed His most treasured Son to restore us to Himself. He graciously invites us to reach others by sharing our physical resources and offering comfort, love, and support. We hope that through caring for others, we might find opportunities to share Christ’s story of love, redemption, and restoration.
Participating in local outreach allows us to share in the Kingdom work.
If you have items like staples, household goods, furniture and appliances, etc. to donate, you can bring them to our reception desk Monday – Thursday from 8:30 AM-5 PM. Leave a note that these items are for Local Outreach donations. 
Below is a list of several in need in our community:
Afghan Refugees: These friends are so far from their home, and in a culture unlike their own. Many still suffer from the trauma of war and conflict in their nation and are now striving to make Raleigh their home. As they struggle to get rooted here, we have the opportunity to help them get settled, obtain the resources they may need, and set them up well to thrive in their new home.
Pardoned by Christ, Raleigh Dream Center Transition House, Oxford House: Transition homes play a crucial part in recovery for those struggling with re-entering society after a season of addiction, homelessness, incarceration, etc. By assisting in providing for their needs, we become the hands and feet of Christ sharing the journey of recovery and restoration.
Raleigh Gardens/BRES School Supply Drive: God has strategically connected Brier Creek Elementary and two of its major “feed” communities (Raleigh Gardens & Casa del Sol) in Providence’s backyard. The school is seeking to strengthen its relationship with the community by partnering with our outreach efforts. Together, we have an opportunity to remind and show a forgotten, unseen community that God sees them, loves them, and cares about their needs.
Christian Life Home: We have the opportunity to become a refuge for young girls in crisis. Unable to get the support needed from their families, we enter into their crisis with them and show them that the God who created the universe by His spoken word loves them and cares about their needs.
CLI (Christian Library International) Prison Alliance: CLI sends out about 250,000 books each year to incarcerated individuals. Isolated from family and home, God uses CLI to reach into the isolation and speak love and restoration. We join that effort by sharing in their ministry.