Providence is passionate about Jesus Christ, the gospel and His church.  Not only the existing church but also the future church.  As a result, we believe Providence has a major role to play in raising up and training the next generation of healthy Christian men and women who will make an eternal impact in their generation and future generations.  Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Church Planters and Missionaries not only need to be grounded with a foundation in spiritual disciplines and theology but also need to be exposed to the realities of ministry and missions within the context of a body of believers.  In light of this, and by God’s grace, we believe Providence Church is uniquely gifted to equip and train individuals pursuing a lifetime of vocational Christian ministry.

Who should apply to be a Ministry Intern?

Qualified applicants will be gifted and motivated men and women who either sense a call to ministry or are evaluating a potential call to ministry.  They will be college age or older with some ministry experience and character recommendations from the church in which they are currently attending or previously attended.

Overview of the Internship

There are two options for ministry interns:

      • A 9-month part-time (20hrs/week) position that starts in August and completes in May.
      • A 3-month full time (40hrs/week) position that starts in May and ends in August.

Within both options, the ministry intern will be assigned a ministry coach within the ministry area of their choosing.  Areas include:

      • Senior Leadership
      • Kid’s Discipleship
      • Student Discipleship
      • Young Adult Discipleship
      • Groups Ministry
      • Discipleship/Spiritual Formation
      • Connections
      • Counseling
      • Worship
      • Missions

Each Intern will also participate in a weekly seminar with other interns focused on understanding and developing leadership skills and various facets of ministry and operations within a church.

Intern Expectations

Each Intern is expected to commit their allotted time training and serving within the ministries each week.  This would include the weekly leadership seminar and ministry team and staff meetings.

Each Intern will report to their respective ministry level coach.

How are Interns funded during their time within the Internship?

The 9-month internship at Providence is fully support raised.  Each 9-month intern will be responsible for raising their own salaries during the program.

Providence has partnered with a credible organization called Reliant that trains, coaches, and manages everything needed to help you with the support raising process.

With the best tools and resources at your disposal, support raising will be an excellent training ground for future opportunities in ministry.

Providence will seek to provide housing for all 9-month interns.

The 3-month interns will be provided a monthly stipend for living expenses.

Application Process for the Internship

Interns begin in both May (full-time 3 month interns) and August (part-time 9 month interns) of each year.  

Applications for the 9-month internship must be submitted by February 1 each year. 

Applications for the 3-month internship must be submitted by March 1 each year.

Acceptance for both internships will typically be decided upon within several weeks and acceptance will be based on applications, interviews, recommendations, limits of the program and desired ministry.

What investment does Providence Church make in each Intern?

In addition to ministry training, coaching and discipleship, Providence may potentially invest in books, conferences, supplies, and exposure to national and international mission trips if deemed appropriate for the development of the intern.  

Daniel Savage

Daniel Savage

Pastor of Discipleship
[email protected]

Sam Nelson

Pastor of Young Adult Discipleship
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