Summary From Shawn

These songs are a peek into my soul. They reveal what God has been teaching me. He’s gently shown me the darkness of my own heart and how helpless I am to bring it into the light on my own, but how He has already provided the way, the only way.

At the very core of each song, you will hear how bountifully God has dealt with us, in spite of our rebellion against Him. It hasn’t ceased to amaze me that The Judge of right and wrong would step down from His bench to be judged in our place. He, Jesus, became our substitute by disguising Himself in our cloak of sin while wrapping around us His cloak of righteousness. His holy wrath against sin saw the two cloaks, and the gavel of His justice crushed the one and acquitted the other. By His grace, those who believe in Him are found hidden in His righteous cloak without a trace of sin to blame. So now, after triumphing over sin and death, He looks at us once again from The Judge’s bench. But this time, He only sees righteousness. And in perfect justice, He calls us justified.