Our Families On Mission

This past weekend we unveiled a new partnership between Providence and Compassion International. Compassion International is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty in Jesus’ name, guided by their “Three-Cord” approach: Christ-centered, Church-driven, and Child-focused. Partnering with them aligns with our mission of keeping Christ at the center of our efforts to REACH people with the gospel. Through sponsoring a child who is living in poverty in impoverished areas around the world, we can help meet their physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs. 

I had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador along with Pastor Phil last August with Compassion. We were able to see the ministry of Compassion, how it was impacting the lives of kids and their families, and how they partner with and work through local churches. As we explored the potential of this partnership, it became evident that this is a great opportunity for families to engage in international missions. Here are some of the reasons for my excitement:

  1. Families can impact the nations with the gospel from home.

    Sponsoring a child through Compassion is a great opportunity for families to help reach the nations here at Providence! Families with kids of all ages are able to engage in taking the gospel to the world from their own homes. International travel is not always easy for families, especially those with young kids, but this program provides a way to engage in international missions.

  2. Families can build a relationship with a child in another country.

    Through a Compassion child sponsorship, kids, student, and parents are able to correspond and interact with a child who lives in a different part of the world through letter writing. Together they can build a relationship with someone, begin to understand the needs of others, and have a gospel impact. I was able to see first-hand the difference that this program is making in the lives of kids and their families in some of the most remote parts of the world. I got to see some of these letters that sponsors had written and the joy on the faces of kids who had received them. It was amazing to see the impact of these letters and that through them true relationships were formed even though people were thousands of miles apart.

  3. Kids and students can participate in the Great Commission.

    This really is a unique and special opportunity for kids and students to learn and participate in international missions. Parents can help their kids find creative ways to earn money to help with the financial support of a child. Kids and students can be on the front lines of regular communication with a sponsored child through writing letters. This is also a great tool that parents can use to teach their children about the Great Commission.

  4. Families can go on a short-term mission trip together.

    Through Compassion families also have the opportunity to visit their sponsored child and meet them in person. I was able to witness some of these interactions on my trip to Ecuador and it was incredibly special. The majority of the countries that Providence has chosen strategically to sponsor children in (Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Uganda, Indonesia) provide easier access for families with younger kids and students allowing for increased opportunity to travel on a short-term mission trip together. 


As Pastor Brian stated this past weekend, this is one way that you can engage in missions and caring for the needy around the world. By no means is it the only way. We want to celebrate other ways that your family may be engaged with this need. I am excited that we now have another avenue through Providence’s partnership for families to engage together in global missions that is so impactful. I’m also excited that through this partnership with Compassion that in the years to come, we will be able to plant churches in these countries that will help to increase the opportunity to care for many more kids in need.

Shortly after His resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples and commissioned them to go and spread the good news of the gospel. Just as God had sent Him to earth for the sake of the world, Jesus was sending them to the ends of the earth to tell of what Jesus had done. We too as Christians are called to take the gospel to the nations. Through a Compassion child sponsorship, families have the opportunity to engage in gospel missions right now and join in the Great Commission. Just as Jesus was sent, so He is sending you. 

If you are interested in joining Providence in sponsoring children in these impoverished areas, you can click HERE.