For 43 years our mission has been to glorify God by introducing all peoples to Jesus Christ and growing them up to love and worship Him. By God’s grace, we have been steadfast in this commitment. We have connected together, grown together, served together, and gone to share the gospel together.

Over the next 5 years we want to follow the way of Jesus, who extended Himself to the point of discomfort to reach us and called us to reach others. We hope to see everyone at Providence intentionally extending themselves to the point of discomfort to bless and help others. We want to faithfully model Jesus’ life by becoming disciples who make disciples to reach Our Four, Our City, and Our World.

We Hope To See Us...

  • Pray that God would expand our heart for people
  • Identify four unbelievers to intentionally B.L.E.S.S.
  • Pray that 1,000 of us would enjoy leading one person to Christ and then discipling them to make disciples
  • Invite guests into Life Group communities and create smaller discipleship groups
  • Invest 10,000 hours each year serving our community
  • Provide resources and ramps to reach families, young adults, and senior adults
  • Pray that we become a church as diverse as our community
  • Provide additional worship services, sites, and local church plants in our sprawling city
  • Mobilize 400 people on short-term mission trips each year
  • Pray that God would send individuals and families each year to become missionaries
  • Continue investing 20% of all spending towards missions
  • Expand our North American church plant partners to 12, and our international church plant partners to beyond 50


For weekly texts to help with ideas for ways to reach your four, you
can scan this QR code or follow this link. We will send weekly
texts of encouragement your way! We are excited to see how God
leads us to reach our four together with the gospel.

Pastor Brian’s Vision Sunday Message

5-year vision Summary