Imagine a perfect world, designed by a perfect architect; a world without guilt, strife, or sickness, a world where everything functioned in harmony. This was the world that God created. For a time, the world was at peace, diversity was appreciated, and love was uninterrupted. This was God’s beautiful design.

Then one day after his failed rebellion, Satan came into the world as God’s critic. Desiring to destroy our confidence in God’s Word, he said, “Did God really say?” Tempted to doubt God’s goodness, man sinned against God and brought a flood of brokenness and death to God’s design. In this moment of guilt and grief, God promised a Savior who would make things right . In the fullness of time, God send Christ into the world to seek us, to save us, and to rescue His beautiful design from our sin.

In spite of his defeat, Satan still aims to destroy faith in God’s Word by crying, “Did God really say?” Today, God’s greatest critic uses destructive beliefs and philosophies to question the foundations that God has designed for human flourishing—authority, sanctify of life, race, gender, sexuality, responsibility, and justice. As created beings, we simply won’t flourish unless we yield to what our Creator really did say.

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