Spiritual Faultlines

Spiritual Faultlines

A fault line is where the earth shifts and creates a divide between two parts of the earth. Spiritual fault lines, then, are beliefs about God that divide humanity between a place of flourishing and a place of brokenness. Every part of life, including our identity, gender, sexuality, race, political views, relationships, or responsibilities, is build upon spiritual fault lines. 

Three spiritual fault lines that we find in the opening scenes of the Bible are God’s goodness, God’s truthfulness, and God’s justice. We often mistake the symptomatic divisions in our society as the primary cause of our brokenness instead of a faulty understanding about one of these areas about God. When we do this, we make fixing the societal divisions our ultimate hope, which has no lasting power to bring about salvation or human flourishing.

Here is the good news. The gospel says that when we put our faith in Jesus, His Spirit begins to live within us and enables us to love in such a remarkable way that we see flourishing again. 

Any solution to the problems of our society apart from the gospel of Christ is a false hope with only temporary benefits. It’s like building a house directly on the sand that only needs a storm to wash it all away. But God has made a way through Jesus for us to build our life upon an unshakeable rock that lasts forever.

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