Monday, June 28 – Friday, July 2
Middle School & High School Students
Ocoee Retreat Center (Ocoee, TN)

Spend a week with other students enjoying worship gatherings, small groups, activities, and lots of fun! We’ll be studying the book of Acts and focusing on the question, “What is the church?” Come and disconnect from the normal rhythms of life to deepen relationships with God and others.

REGISTration details

$425 through May 2
$465 after May 2
Registration closes May 31



What is the COVID policy for camp?

Our COVID policy will be dependent upon guidelines and restrictions leading up to the week of camp. Our team will continue to monitor trends and recommendations and communicate all information to parents if there are any changes or updates to policies. Our desire at camp is to keep everyone safe and allow our students to experience a full week of camp. For the entire duration of camp, we strongly recommend students to wear masks and will structure the entire camp based on cabin grouping (see further information below). Furthermore, we do ask families to be mindful and limit activities prior to camp to limit potential exposure and help. We will have a quarantine area set up at camp to care for students experiencing symptoms and preventing further spread. If a student is displaying symptoms, our medical team will notify parents, and they will be taken to be tested. If this occurs, the leadership team will determine the extent of possible contact and determine the course of action based on the information available. For further information, contact Kevin Lambeth ([email protected]) and Jarrick Oxendine ([email protected]).

Pre-Screening of Students

Students will not be able to participate in camp if any of the following are true in the 14 days prior to camp.

  • Have had a fever of 100.4°F or greater
  • Have had a persistent cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, fatigue, headache, muscle aches, nausea, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, or vomiting.
  • The individual has been in close contact with a person who has been diagnosed with, tested for, or quarantined because of COVID-19
  • Have recently taken a COVID test and are waiting on results prior to departure for camp

Health Precautions

Some of the general things Ocoee Retreat and Providence will be doing to keep students and leaders safe and healthy are:

  • Following Tennessee state guidelines/phases. We will update closer to camp dates those guidelines and restrictions.
  • Promoting healthy hygiene practices
  • Intensifying cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation
  • Limiting sharing
  • Training all leaders
  • Health monitoring and pre-camp screening
  • Check and monitor students with signs or symptoms


All medicine is to be given to the camp medical team upon check-in on Monday. The medical staff will distribute all medicine. Students are responsible to come see them when it is time to take their medicine. Any and ALL medication (even OTC) must be turned into camp medical staff at registration.


Fifty-six passenger buses will be used to travel to Ocoee Retreat Center in Ocoee Tennessee. Each bus will be pre-cleaned and have a bathroom for the duration of the trip. We will make one stop for lunch and stretch break going to and returning from camp. This is covered in the camp cost.


Meals are provided by the camp cafeteria and served by the Ocoee camp staff following all health guidelines. Please notify us of dietary restrictions ahead of time so that Ocoee camp staff can prepare accordingly.


Students are assigned to a bunk-style cabin separated by gender. Cabins are off-limits to the opposite gender. Campers will be sent home for violating this guideline. Each cabin has separate showers and restrooms.


Refer to Ocoee Retreat website.


Providence will refund your registration (non-refundable deposit not included) if you can’t attend due to COVID symptoms.

Cabin Grouping & Social Distancing

For the duration of camp, students will transition throughout the week in cohort groups to the worship gathering, cafeteria, and designated cabins. Students will interact outdoor as social distancing will be impractical for some of the activities. Cohorts will be encouraged to maintain their group throughout the week to minimize exposure.

Counselors & Volunteers

Each leader is interviewed and vetted for serving at summer camp by Jarrick, Kevin, and the student ministry team. Each counselor will be trained, equipped, and excited to serve your student throughout the week. We will plan for the counselors to have an in-person or virtual meeting with students prior to camp.

Electronic Policy

iPods, iPads, cell phones, hand-held video games, laptops, etc. are not allowed. If these items are brought, they will be taken and given back at the end of the week. If a cell phone is taken to camp, counselors will take them up until we return home. Campers are not allowed to make phone calls other than to parents. Students can see the Camp Director, Kevin Lambeth, if they need to make a phone call or use their counselor’s phone.

Packing List

Our packing list of what to bring and how to dress will be sent closer to camp.

Parent Communication

PSM will send out more information closer to camp and communicate with parents via Text In Church and email throughout the week of camp.


Our focus for camp will be defining “What is the church?” We will read through the book of Acts helping students understand the birth, spread, and mission of the church.