The Credibility Of The Bible

The Credibility Of The Bible

Many people think it is very strange for educated, seemingly well-adjusted individuals to take the Bible seriously. The spectacular stories, the miracles that suspend natural law, the evil practices, the slightly differing details to historical events, the condemning of behaviors celebrated in modern culture, the exclusivity of a Savior who claims authority over all of life, and the fact that it’s an old book, lead many people to disregard the Bible altogether.

Many people own a Bible and even claim to believe the Bible, and yet most people would struggle to know or explain why they trust the Bible as they do. How would you answer if you were asked why you believe or reject the credibility of the Bible?

We believe the Bible is true primarily because we believe Jesus rose from the dead. If Jesus died for our sins and rose from the grave, then He has authority and we ought to agree with what He says. One thing we know for certain is that Jesus believed, and taught us to believe, that the Bible is true.

Critics will surely say, “You can’t say you believe in Jesus’ resurrection because the Bible says so, and then say you believe the Bible because Jesus rose from the dead.” But what if we were able to verify the historical credibility of each book of the Bible before believing that Jesus rose from the dead? What if we could see that the Bible was not an attempt to authenticate a religion, but a collection of historical books written over 1500 years by more than 40 people who told what happened in their day? What if we saw that each book had to pass the cultural standards of credibility in its day? And what beliefs would be warranted in our day if all this credible evidence attested to Jesus’ resurrection and His subsequent affirmation of these Scriptures?

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