City Serve: Raleigh Rescue Mission Cleaning Team

Raleigh Rescue Mission & Child Development Center 314 E. Hargett Street, Raleigh, NC, United States

Raleigh and Wake County have reported over 6,000 homeless individuals seeking services and over 5,100 homeless children attending a Wake County School.  There are another 95,200 + individuals at risk of being homeless.  Raleigh Rescue Mission is on  mission to transform homelessness in Raleigh.  Join this project and  learn about their plan and how to support their ministry.  During your time onsite you will also  bless and encourage them by cleaning the Mission & Child Development Center. Jobs could include: Disinfect and sanitize public and staff bathrooms, including walls and baseboards. Sweep and mop floors in bathrooms and area outside the elevator. Disinfect and sanitize doorknobs. Vacuum carpets. Sweep and mop stairwell. Disinfect and sanitize dining area, including client tables, floors, and baseboards. Sweep and mop the floor in the dining room. Sweep and mop storage areas for all closets and hallways. Disinfect and sanitize all toys in the CDC. Disinfect and sanitize CDC bathrooms, kitchen area, play areas, etc. Sweep and mop floors in the CDC.   The team will coordinate brining and supplying cleaning supplies for this project. Please complete one registration per person. The RRM has a very limited number of volunteer parking spaces.  The team should […]