Weddings at Providence

If you are considering getting married at Providence, please feel free to look over the FAQs below. You can also submit the facility use request below and Lindsey Danforth will be in touch with you. You can contact her at [email protected] with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Providence limit its weddings to church members?

Yes. Because of the high usage rate of our facilities by Providence ministries and members, the pastors and elders have decided to conduct weddings for member families.

What is the first step in arranging a wedding at Providence?

The first step is to speak to a Providence pastor, requesting that he conduct the wedding ceremony. You may wish to approach a pastor you have come to know through a particular ministry. The pastor will want to meet with you and your fiancé. All of our pastors are committed to Biblical marriage as the union of two believers. The pastor will want to hear your testimonies or discuss with you your relationships with Christ. Once a Providence pastor has agreed to conduct your wedding, you may request that a date be booked.

What if I want to be married at Providence by my hometown pastor?

Weddings here are usually conducted by Providence pastors. On rare occasions, a guest pastor may be approved or sometimes there may be co-officiates for the ceremony. Please discuss this with the Providence pastor when you speak with him.

How do I find out if the church is available for my wedding date?
Contact Lindsey at [email protected]. She can discuss with you what dates the church is available.



May I put a date on hold while waiting to meet with a pastor?

No. In an effort to make sure the calendar clearly reflects available and booked dates, we will wait until plans for the wedding are certain before booking the wedding.

How much advance notice is needed to schedule a wedding at Providence?

Several months are needed to arrange meetings, complete counseling, and finalize arrangements. Some couples, of course, begin the process much further ahead than that.

Is premarital counseling required?

Premarital counseling, a valuable time of preparation for the lifelong commitment of marriage, is a requirement for all weddings performed at Providence. The pastor who will perform your wedding or his designee will meet with you and your fiancé over a 4-6 week period.

What is the fee for holding a wedding at Providence?

There is base fee or $600 for having your wedding at Providence but there are also other fees (facilities, sound tech/AV, security, wedding director, etc) that are added based on your specific requirements.

Does any of this fee go to the pastor conducting the ceremony?

No. The pastors conduct marriages as part of their vows to serve as ministers of the gospel. Any honorarium the couple wishes to give the pastor is a separate consideration.

May I select my own wedding director or must I use a Providence director?

You must use an approved Providence wedding director. She is familiar with wedding etiquette as well as our facility. She will be the church’s representative during wedding activities.

Which rooms may be used for weddings?
Wedding ceremonies, receptions, and rehearsal Dinners are typically held in the Worship Center, Amphitheater, The Gathering, or Prisms. 

Pre-Marital Counseling

Our desire is for all couples to be able to walk through biblical pre-marital counseling before entering this covenant relationship.  These counseling sessions can take place in one of two ways: through a class with other engaged couples, or one-on-one with a Providence Pastor.  Please fill out this form and Lindsey Danforth or Madison Priest will be in touch with you shortly.