What We Are Learning — Refinery (Student Ministry Sunday PM)

Refinery has finished for the summer and will return September 8, 2024.

Do you want to know what your kids and students are learning at Providence? This resource will be updated each week for you to know what was taught the previous weekend and what will be taught the coming weekend in Refinery. We hope this will strengthen our partnership together and that this resource will help you in leading and continuing discipleship conversations with your child.

April 14

Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent

  • All Things Crucified
  • Hope of Heaven

Key Scriptures: Galatians 6:20-21; Romans 6:4; Romans 8


April 28

Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent

  • Mortifying the Flesh with Fullness
  • Ultimate Prize
  • My Manifesto
  • To Him Be the Glory