What Going To London Showed Me About Evangelism


“It was great having the opportunity to serve, love on, and encourage our brothers and sisters in London.”

“Overall, it was an incredible experience working with Redeemer Queens Park in London, England, a church originally planted by Providence. The pastor has recently been called to revitalize a church in Tennessee, so Redeemer is transitioning leadership. It was great having the opportunity to serve, love on, and encourage our brothers and sisters at Redeemer as many in leadership are weary from their new roles, ministry, and vision casting for the church as a whole.

Our time felt so short, but was filled with evangelism, prayer, and encouragement. We were able to work with the church to walk around the neighborhood of Queens Park and invite people to come visit Redeemer. London is a very lost place where most people reject all things having to do with the Lord. This presented some intentional growth opportunities for me as it pushed me out of my comfort zone to share the gospel knowing that many may not be receptive. As I received a lot of no’s and got many doors shut on me, I couldn’t help but be in awe at the Lord. In His grace, kindness, and mercy, he gave those people that I encountered a chance to hear the gospel, knowing they would reject Him, yet opening up the opportunity for them to see and hear. It was truly an amazing gift to be reminded of the open gift of His salvation to all people. 

Our task in evangelizing was mainly to distribute flyers for events happening at the church while walking in parks, on the streets, and going door to door in neighborhoods and estates (government housing). This provided many opportunities to talk with people, ask questions, hear stories, pray, and share the gospel. Most of the people I met were in full rejection of the gospel and all things about God and religion, but they had respect for me and my relationship with God. Although it was disheartening at times, the Lord continued to remind me of the ways that this was ultimately planting seeds of His grace and love in the lives of these people. It was also so encouraging knowing that the church members at Redeemer were taking note of all those we spoke with so that they could follow up and continue watering the seeds that were planted.

Pray for the people I encountered to know the Lord and be open to the gospel. Pray for Redeemer’s leadership team, for a passionate pastor aligned with their vision, for the Kid’s club, and unity during this season. Pray for Londoners to know the Lord, for organizations like London City Mission, and for revival in the city. I hope this encourages your faith.”

– Meghan O’Brien, 25, went on a short-term mission trip to London, England.