Why am I interested in a God I can’t see?

It was a silent October morning as we left our campsite to catch the sunrise. I remember sitting on a rocky ledge while the moon still lit the sky. There were a handful of peaks in front of us. (I can hear it now, some of you who call the Rockies home are laughing because I think the East Coast has mountain peaks.)

Regardless, the clouds were low, surrounding these peaks like an ocean enveloping tiny islands around the Pacific Rim. What I knew to be a valley in front became a bowl holding clouds with pieces of earth cropping out. As the sun emerged over the crest of the horizon, it lit the sky with the usual dance of orange, blue, and even purple. And soon enough, the ocean of clouds in front of me began to melt before the sun’s rays. The whole experience was surreal and peaceful.

Whether or not you’ve had a similar experience, chances are you’ve experienced the natural world in a way that impressed you. What I love about these moments is that regardless of background, culture, or spiritual beliefs, all of us feel a weightiness to the beauty of the world we live in.

The Bible actually says that the natural world around us is talking– talking to the deeper parts of us. (Romans 1:20, Psalm 19:1). This speech resonates with our souls as it reminds us of the God who made all things. One reason you might be interested in a God you can’t see is because the natural world around you is pointing to Him.

Another reason you may be interested in a God you can’t see is because of looking inward. Every human being, regardless of race, culture, economic standing, or political affiliation, is made in the image of God.

Because of this, our deepest thoughts, motivations, and desires lead us to God in some way or the other.

The last reason you may be interested in a God you don’t see is because you were made for Him. Saint Augustine of Hippo famously said, “You have made us for yourself, O Lord and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.”

Have you experienced that kind of restlessness before? I have. Whether it’s from spending too much time at work, not practicing healthy self-care, or not experiencing real community, our hearts feel restless when they’re disconnected from the One they were made for.

This famous quote calls all to consider the voice inside that beckons us to God. Whether it be the natural world around us or our image-bearing nature within, all human beings were made to know and love God. This desire for God is within all of us.

So, where are you at in your spiritual journey?

Are you a skeptic?You may have some serious questions, or even objections, to faith. We’re glad you’re here. Skeptic or not, every person should have the freedom to explore.

Are you a seeker? You may not be cynical, but you may have some serious questions. Maybe you’ve tried to ignore your spiritual desires, or maybe your spiritual outlets have turned up dry.

Are you a starter? Maybe faith in Jesus is new to you. Perhaps a friend shared God’s story with you, and it makes sense. Even though you’re “all in,” you might still have some questions. If you’re just starting out, we’re glad you’re here too. Let’s unpack what following Jesus is all about together.

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